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Everyone Loves a Mystery… that is why we try to produce the most intriguing of puzzles to baffle and bemuse you. Whether it be the excitement of an interactive murder mystery dinner in an atmospheric heritage location, or the mystery of a locked room, or even watching a classic whodunit murder mystery… there will be something to puzzle over.

Torchlight Mysteries are dedicated to bringing innovative mysteries to heritage locations in the Hampshire, Dorset, Sussex and London. From Agatha Christie plays in a Tudor Manor House, to adaptations of Sherlock Holmes in Conan Doyle’s family home, immersive experiences to stately homes to a classic whodunnit in a Norman castle - we relish the challenge of innovation.

From the Casebook: Operation Secret Window

Especially created for Rushmoor Borough Council Operation Secret Window was an outdoor adventure game with escape room clues and immersive actors. The game utilised six window art installations created to celebrate the heritage of Aldershot Town Centre. Each window reflected a shop or business from the past one hundred years and the game involved players locating shops that stood one hundred years ago. By asking actors placed on the route relevant questions they could lead you to a shop that stood for over 150 years - a musical shop on Potters Corner. Most teams successfully completed the challenge in one hour. Special congratulations to team “Missing in Action” who completed the route in 37 mins! They had played Operation Secret Agent (a 1940s themed outdoor escape room) and attended the Heritage Tours Torchlight Tours had provided earlier that month. It pays to do your research!

(photos by Rushmoor Borough Council - Shaun Jackson)

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